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We are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, look your best, and feel empowered. Our commitment to you is simple – provide you with the highest quality beauty products at a great value, while equipping you with the wisdom to unlock your potential and reach your life aspirations.


When you shop with us and spend over $50, you’ll unlock exclusive access to free coaching sessions with expert life advisors. In these private and personalized sessions, you’ll get the guidance and support you need to take control of your life and become the best version of yourself!


BEAUTY MEETS WISDOM – it’s where stunning looks and inspired minds come together.


Unlock your potential today!

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Meet ideamix

We've partnered with ideamix, a tech-enabled company founded by 3 women for whom coaching has been transformative in their personal and professional lives.


ideamix's platform hosts over 150 coaches, and connects individuals and corporations with these vetted, diverse and experienced coaches.

Through a 1 minute assessment, ideamix matches clients with coaches that best fit their needs and values. The coaches help clients map and achieve their personal, professional, and business goals, delivering a positive return on investment for both individuals and companies.

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Meet the Bossy x ideamix team

Aisha and Sam met over 20 years ago in graduate school and have since had careers spanning multiple continents, sectors, and disciplines including technology, finance, entrepreneurship, design thinking, publishing and more.  They both have work with leadership coaches extensively over their careers and believe that it is a transformational tool that women should be using to take themselves to the next level


Aishetu Fatima Dozie

Founder, Bossy Cosmetics

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Sam Jayanti

Founder, ideamix

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    Watch Sam and Aisha talk about the benefits of leadership/life/career coaching in a recent discussion on Instagram Live!

LEVEL UP WITH BOSSY x ideamix today
"I was very impressed with how well ideamix matches you to coaches who are the perfect fit for you. I'm very happy with the coach I was matched with-- she is understanding, kind, and competent. Just having conversations about issues that I initially perceived as irrelevant or unimportant has made me realize a lot of things about myself. On top of that, the proactive element of coaching has really helped me in everyday life as I'm much more observant and aware of the things happening around me and how they affect my mental state. I have really enjoyed my experience so far and highly recommend ideamix."
"My experience with my ideamix coach has been transformative. I have learned to see things in a different light and reframe my mindset. My coach is energetic, hyper-organized, and confident."
"I love how seamless and easy it is to work with an ideamix coach."
LEVEL UP WITH BOSSY x ideamix today
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